Aryuvedic Retreat

"Our mission at Puccini Lala's Aryuvedic Center is for all our guests to have (an authentic experience of yoga, adapted to the short time spam available while on holiday or travelling.

We acknowledge that yoga is not learnt in a week, month or even year, but for one week we hope to give you an immersive insight into what yoga is. From there, perhaps you will have

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Our Aryuvedic retreats commence on Sunday Afternoon with a 14:00 check in, and then straight into a consultation where you will be examined by our specialist doctors to have your programme personalised. By the time you hit the sack in our down to earth eco cottages, you will already have nourished body, mind and stomach with a delicious vegetarian meal and meditation. Every morning kick starts at 6am with a cup of warm Ayurvedic herbal tea, followed by a meditation and light yoga practice before breakfast and a daily group class into the literature and philosophy of the ancient vedic texts (also known as Samhitas) which will be specific to the treatment given that day! The afternoons include more class, a delicious eclectic range of food, and a personalised Ayurvedic treatment. On offer, we have our speciality which is Marma therapy, focusing on the vital energy points of the body. We also offer orthopedics, sport rehabillitation, anal rectal care, gynecological and infertility care. By the time check out arrives the following Sunday, we are sure to have delivered a level of healing to mind, body and soul, from here can send you back into your daily life with tools and strategies to keep strong and healthy while embarking on a lifelong journey of self discovery we're waiting to welcome your aboard welcome home!

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